Blessed Franz Jagerstetter

The Vatican has cleared the way for beatification of Franz Jagerstetter. Franz was an Austrian who refused military service under Hitler and was beheaded. He had a wife and three children. The Pope Benedict has declared him to be a martyr. He will soon be Blessed Franz Jagerstetter. This is a strong affirmation of peacemaking and nonviolence.
The Catholic Peace Fellowship reports:
“A declaration of martyrdom enables a “Servant of God” to be beatified, or declared ‘Blessed’ by the Church. For those who are not martyrs, proof of a miracle is required. Those with the title Blessed, according to Sarno, are worthy of both imitation and veneration by the faithful. All that remains for Jagerstatter to receive this title is for his home diocese of Linz, Austria, to set a date for the beatification liturgy.
The next step after beatification is canonization – official recognition by the Church that this person is a Saint. Proof of a miracle received through the intercession of the beatified, subsequent to beatification, is needed for canonization. This requirement applies to all, including martyrs (those who have died for the faith) and confessors (those who have been persecuted and have suffered for the faith.)”
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