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Psalm 146
Praise God, my soul.
I will praise God with all my life.
I will sing praise to God as long as I live.
I put no trust in presidents and prime ministers
In mere mortals who offer no true security.
When they draw their last breath, they return to dust.
That day all their greed will have come to nothing.
Happy are those whose help is in God.
Whose hope is in God alone.
God made the heavens and the seas
And all that is in them.
God is faithful forever.
God secures justice for the oppressed.
God feeds the hungry
And gives them drink.
God sets prisoners free.
God gives sight to the blind
And hearing to the deaf.
God raises up those who are bowed down.
God loves the righteous.
God walks beside the stranger
And sustains the widow and the orphan.
God thwarts the ways of the Evil Ones
Who oppress the strangers, the widows, the orphans.
God rules forever. God rules through all generations.

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