The Prophet

[We are all called to be prophets.]

I heard the gentle whisper—
“Speak out!”
Speak out? I know not what to say.
Will I speak your truth
Or some aberration of mine?
The whisper grew louder—
“Speak out!”
Speak out? I am afraid.
What will they think of me?
What will they do to me?
I heard a reassuring voice,
“Be not afraid. I am with you.”
But, I am afraid.
What will happen to me?
To all that I have worked for?
I then heard an insistent voice—
“Speak my truth!”
How will I know your truth?
What is truth?
I heard the voice no more.
I slipped into silence.
I fell into the well of Love.
I rested. I was.
I listened.
Then, I knew the truth—
Jesus, the Lamb of God,
The gentle one.
The Suffering Servant
Who would not break a bent reed.
Nonviolent love incarnate calling me,
Yes, calling me to proclaim Him.
“Love one another.”
“Put away your swords.”
“Love your enemies.”
“Pray for those who persecute you.”
“Feed the hungry.”
“Give drink to the thirsty.”
“Clothe the naked.”
“Shelter the homeless.”
“Forgive their debts.”
“Care for the sick.”
“Visit the imprisoned.”
“Return good for evil.”
I silence I knew.
I know the truth of Jesus.
Jesus, help me to proclaim it
In season and out of season,
When convenient and when inconvenient.
My trust is in you.

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