The Feast

The Ignatian method of meditation, as I understand it, asks us to place ourselves in the scriptural scene. Let us relax, sit gently, breathe in and out and visualize ourselves on a mountain top—the place where we meet the God of Peace.
We are all there. All God’s people are there with no exclusions or exceptions. The God of Peace is welcoming us to a rich, sumptuous banquet. We can smell the prime rib roasting and the lobster boiling. We savor the effervescence of fine choice wines, maybe a Pinot Grigio from Italy or a Cabernet Sauvignon from California or a Syrah from South Africa. We smell the choice food and long to share in the banquet. We savor the fine wine and it brings joy to our spirits. We know that we are in a very special place. At last, we are with the God of Peace. “All is well! And all will be well!”
We become more and more aware of those around us. It begins to sink in. Everyone is at the banquet. All veils have been removed. All are included—white and black, rich and poor, sick and healthy, gay and straight, Greek and Jew, Christian and Muslim. All the people of the God of Peace are together. There are no divisions. There are no artificial boundaries drawn by greed and exploitation and ethnic and racial differences.
There are no more tears. We are no longer weeping over Jerusalem because we cannot abide the suffering and injustice around us. The victims of injustice, oppression and exploitation are no longer weeping. We all revel in the joy of being at one with the God of Peace. There are no more wars, nukes, WMDs, diseases, substandard houses, tattered clothing, hunger-swollen bellies and sunken begging eyes. There are no more tears. The God of Peace has made all things new. The resurrection promise is real! We all rejoice and are glad because the God of Peace has delivered us.
As we look around, more and more are coming to the mountain. We now see the Prince of Peace—Jesus, the nonviolent God-man. He is greeting each and every person. He is giving sight to the blind. He is healing the lame. He is curing the lepers. He is giving speech to the mute. He is clothing the naked. He is welcoming the hungry to eat and drink and have their fill. He is liberating prisoners. Jesus is wiping away every tear and making every person whole.
The God of Peace and the Prince of Peace have claimed victory over evil and injustice. Indeed, they have claimed victory over death itself.
Revel in the scene. Feel the warmth and joy of God’s healing presence. Just be there. Breathe in. Breathe out. Rejoice in the God of Peace and the Prince of Peace. Let joy fill your spirit. Feel the love of the God of peace. It surrounds you and fills you. LOVE is above you, below you, beside you, within you and all around you. Be grateful for a taste of resurrected life. Enjoy the feast!
God of Peace and Jesus, Prince of Peace, thanks for helping us to dream. Thank you for giving us a vision of a better future. You will make all things new. In the meantime, we will dream and hope and work to bring about your peace. Come, Jesus, come! Be with us!

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