Just Do It

There is an icy frost deep-down things.
It cold chills and renders inert
The clouds of compassion
Which should warm the dark-filled night.
Chilled to the masses’ misery
It rests couch-comfortable
Sating every selfish want-whim
With comfort food and new toys.
Imperial sword defended might
Kills and rapes and pillages for oil
Violent murderous exploitation.
Securing comfort on labor-broken backs
As swollen bellies gnarled in pain—
Softly sob the hungry children.
Icy cold sweatshops
Fine cheap clothes make.
Barren foreign fields failed
Government paid imports dumped.
Scrambling, scurrying through waters
Seeking life’s hope and sustenance
Only to be turned back to death.
Sun bleached and beaten
Our fruits and vegetables picked
For just pennies a pound
From dawn to dusk
And from dawn to dusk again,
Again, again, and again.
Homeless veterans under bridges cowering
From the frost freezing night
While Haliburton stock warms
Greedy Wall Street “hearts.”
Wake up! Repent!
Turn your self-centered lives around.
Get off the comfort couch.
Repent! I say, “Repent!”
Believe the Good News—
Life is coming.
Phoenix is ever rising.
Teary eyes wiped.
Broken spirits healed.
Hope abounds.
Alleviate suffering and misery.
Nike victorious arises—
Just do it.
Do it today and tomorrow,
Do it again, again, and again.
Take a leaping faith flight.
Defrost icy cold heartedness.
Relieve the misery.
Share their pain.
Just help the least among us.
Nemesis is shadow lurking
What goes around
Comes back.
Retribution is swift.
“Get on my left.”
Why? Why? WHY?
“What you have done to the least,
You have done to me.”

© J. Patrick Mahon, 2008

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