Contemplation and Pentecost

As I continue to work on peace and justice issues, I continue to learn and grow. Nonviolence is not a tactic or strategy which is to be used to get one’s own way. Nonviolence is a way of life. Gandhi teaches us that nonviolence demands a spiritual discipline and a life based on contemplation. Gandhi coined the term satyagraha—Truth Force—to describe nonviolence.
In preparing for an upcoming Day of Reflection, I have realized many things, not the least of which is that I need to get back to my practice of centering (contemplative) prayer. As I try to teach about the nonviolence of Jesus, I am often aware of the violence in my own heart. Like Paul, I often do that which I would not do. It is in this realization that Thomas Keating’s insight into the work of the Divine Healer in centering prayer takes on new meaning. Centering prayer takes us to our inner room, our deepest level, where we are God even though we are not God. At the deepest level, we are one with the Creator. Our true self emerges. As we abandon ourselves to Divine Love by letting go, God is healing our true selves and making us more Christ like. Resurrection overcomes death. Hope replaces the frustration and despair of not living up to the truth of Gospel nonviolence.
Pope Benedict reminds us that Jesus is the face of God. Jesus shows us the God of Peace where mercy, love, forgiveness and justice live. Pentecost reminds us that we are the face of God in our world today. WE ARE THE FACE OF GOD! Jesus sends us the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth so that we might live the truth of the God of Peace and the One Sent to Us. We are the faces of God and our true selves reflect the glory of the God of Peace. The Spirit of Truth will set us free. Jesus who is the Way and the Truth and the Life will become more real in our lives. The Spirit of Truth will give us a facelift and empower us to live the truth of nonviolence.
The universe flashed forth from the infinite Mystery we call God over 15 billion years ago. The universe shows forth the glory and splendor of our God. Creation is the first revelation of God. We have flashed forth from the great Mystery as the universe unfolds. We are stardust. We are the glory of God. We are part of the great Mystery we call life. We are the faces of God. We are the presence of God to one another.
Contemplative prayer helps us to center in the God of Peace. The Divine Healer helps us to become less violent and more loving. The Spirit of Truth enlivens us and encourages us.
“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.”

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