Love Flashes Forth

Great Mystery
Flashing forth the universe
Fifteen billion years ago—
Flashing, flaming,
Spewing forth from nothingness.
Slowly evolving amid extinctions,
Growing, expanding, bursting forth.
Much later, much much later,
Earth cools, gels and solidifies.
Life forms emerging.
At first oxygen destroys
And then it gives life.
Late in the eleventh hour,
Man stands upright and walks forth
Capable of reflecting the Great Mystery
While reflecting on the Great Mystery.
Eden like oneness with the universe
Grounded in stardust.
The fullness of time arises—
The Only Begotten flashes forth
In a humble stable cave.
The face of the Great Mystery–
Peace, justice, compassion,
Nonviolent response to violence
At first violence destroyed
But then New Life emerged—
Peace be with you!
The Spirit of Truth teaches—
Life overcomes death.
Hope resurrects anew—
Love flashing forth
Grounds us in the Great Mystery
Whence we came.

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