Little Blessings

The world around us seems like it is in a disastrous decent into something not good. The long election campaign and all the attack ads are history but life goes on. We find God in the present moment–a beautiful sunrise, a full moon, and encounter with one of the Creator’s creatures. The Creator gave me two gifts already this week. Look at the turtle who had dug holes and was burying her eggs on the nature trail near our pad. Then look at the beautiful Red Shouldered Hawk who has been hanging around our pad (He/she probably thinks our Miniature Pincher is a potential meal!) Another treat is in store for us–a night launch of the Space Shuttle [I must admit I have mixed feelings about this technological marvel. The good news is that we are cooperating with other nations in space. The bad news is that it holds the potential for the militarization of space.]
Enjoy and be blessed!

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