Endeavor Launch

Endeavor Liftoff NASA Photo
[Click here. Look for the moon upper right]

Darkness dropped like a gentle blanket
Over Cape Canaveral.
Slowly the gantry lights shone through–
Pinpoints of light in the darkness.
From the east horizon
Emerged an orange orb
Peeking over the Cape.
A huge harvest full moon
Rose higher and higher in the sky
Becoming bright yellow
Striated by wispy clouds.
The Creator had burst forth
Overshadowing the anticipated launch.

Followed by a gasping crowd.
A new fireball was rising up
Endeavor was lifting from the pad.
It hurtled heavenward
Crossing right in front of the moon—
The watchers cheered in awe
As the fireballs merged for an instant,
As nature and technology dazzled.
The bright orange teardrop tail
Became but a small light
Receding high on the horizon.
The Creator and the created—
A spectacle to behold!

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