True Self

Thoughts, feelings,
Perceptions and sensations
Going and coming,
Coming and going.
In and out,
Over and over again.
Is this mad babble me?
Who am I?
Where am I?
I am no-thing.
I am no-where.

Yet, I am Everything—
I am Life itself.
I am the universe
Flaring forth from the Word—
Mountain majesty.
Sunrise splendor.
Babbling brook.
The Word made flesh–
I am the Christ who lives in me.
I am I AM.

Darkness, chasm, and abyss,
No-thing, desert, and emptiness—
A no man’s land, no-thing!
I awake—
Light fills the darkness,
“Let there be light!”
The Light of the World shines
In my death to self darkness,
The chasm void is filled.
Compassionate Love enfolds me.
Passionate Love kisses me.
I bathe in Love’s light.
I am God’s de-light.
In no-thingness there is all.
“Love one another as I have loved you!”
I am loved to love.

Like the snake molting,
My false self skin falls away—
Paradise Eden reentered.
True self uncovered.
As Love loves me into life
Into selfless love for all others
And harmony with the flaring universe—
Roses bloom in the desert.
Light shines in the darkness.
Chasms and voids are filled.
Mountains are leveled.
Crooked paths are made straight.
Tulips bloom in winter.
The Light of the World born again
In me—the Christ to others.

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