Apology for Slavery

You may or may not know that I am privileged to serve on Pax Christi USA’s Anti Racism. A member of that team, who is a person of color, alerted me to this statement to help heal the wrongs brought about by slavery. The initial reaction of some may be to say, “That happened in the past and I am not responsible for it.” To the contrary, the vestiges of this terrible practice continue to plague our society. As white people we have benefitted from white privilege and a system that was initially capitalized on the backs of the slaves. The Indians we “discovered” also paid the ultimate price for what we enjoy. [My research on my genealogy also indicates that America was capitalized on the backs of indentured servants many of whom came from my country of origin–Ireland.]
The statement says this much better than I can and I encourage you to read it and sign it. Truth commissions in various countries have shown how facing the truth of situations and apologizing for past wrongs have promoted healing.
Incidentally, I am also becoming involved in the Order of St. Luke and Christian healing ministry. Initially, I thought healing was about personal healing. It is but it is also about healing things in our social structures which keep people from being whole in the sight of the Lord. In John 10:10, Jesus assures us that the Creator wants us to have the fullness of life. “I have come that you might have life and that you might have everything you need.”
Again, I encourage you to go to this web site, read the statement, and sign it.

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