Hope Lives

One quick look at the news will tell us that we live in a world that can be terrible and messed up. It is sometimes hard to find hope. As we approach the inauguration of a new president, we know there is hope. Martin Luther King and his nonviolent followers took down some barriers to equality 40 some years ago. The residual effects of racism still haunted our land as we went through the electoral process. Barack Obama removed more of the barriers to racial equality. We are not in the Promised Land, the New Eden yet, but we are inching closer. “We have seen the Promised Land.”
Amid wars, economic collapse, and the continued exploitation of the least among us, we hope for a better future. We know that no one man can ever deliver all that we need for a better world but, here again, we are inching ahead.
I found out today that President-elect Obama has written a letter to his two daughters. It brought hope to my heart.
I hope you will take time to read it and relish dreams of better days to come.

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