Friday Third Week

I am God.

I am the Divine.


Creation flared forth at my command.

The universe came forth

Life emerged.

And morphed into human life—

Life in union with Me.

You gradually came to a sense

Of what it means to live—

To live a more human life

Immersed in Divinity.

I entered your life history

And revealed my mighty hand.

I delivered you from oppression

In the fleshpots of Egypt.

You were so delighted with me.

That you thought my love was exclusive

You thought I loved you alone.

I am the creator.

Every person is in My image.

I love all peoples.

I bless all peoples.

Everything is gift.

And is given for all to share.

I want you to have life.

And to have everything you need.

I want all others to have life

And everything they need.

You try to offer sacrifices

To placate Me.

Stop that!

I want your hearts.

I want your commitment

To love and justice.

Your sacrifice is to love me

And to love one another.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

I am.

I am your God.

You are My people.

Live accordingly.

Liberate the oppressed.

Set free the captives.

Give sight to the blind.

Declare a year of debt relief.

Feed the hungry.

Give drink to the sick.

Shelter the homeless.

Care for the sick.

Work for healthcare reform.

Visit the imprisoned.

Petition for prison reform

And for an end to the death penalty.

Welcome the homeless.

Lobby for just immigration reform.

Examine the structures of injustice,

The structures that bind and dehumanize.

Challenge the system.

Call for an end to all war.

Eliminate nuclear arsenals.

Make the Gospel dream happen.

Create a just church

Where all come to the Table—

Ordain women.

Welcome gays and lesbians

As brothers and sisters in Jesus.

Cry out with the passion of Jeremiah

And the compassion of Hosea.

Live the inclusive love of Jesus—

Love one another as I have loved you.

Forgive your enemies.

Invite all to the Table.

Wash one another’s feet.

Break bread together.

Share the cup of blessing.

Be I Am to others.


Be what you already are—

Beloved disciples

Created in the imago dei.

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