Wisdom of Alaska’s First Nation People

Lake in Alaska

We had a wonderful trip to the Yukon and Alaska. This picture is just one of many magnificent scenes. Enjoy reflected grandeur. The Creator is alive and well in Alaska. Be sure to click on the picture for a full screen view.

We also visited the Alaska native Heritage Center. I really like their statement of Universal Values.

Universal Values of Alaska’s Indigenous People

Show Respect to Others—Each Person Has a Special Gift

Share What You Have—Giving makes You Richer

Know Who You Are—You Are a Reflection of Your Family

Understanding and Adapting to What Life Brings—You Cannot Control Many Things

Have Patience—Some Things Cannot Be Rushed

Live Carefully—What You Do Will Come Back to You

Take Care of Others—You Cannot Live Without Them

Honor Your Elders—They Show You the Way in Life

Pray for Guidance—Many Things Are Not Known

See Connections—All Things Are Related

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Cultural Advisory Committee

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