Christ the King, Bishops and Patriarchy


Pope Pius XI instituted this feast in 1925 to counter nationalism and democracy. The French Revolution and the loss of the Papal State has soured the papacy on liberty and democracy. Paul rightly recognizes Jesus the Christ as the firstborn of all creation and as the Head of the Church.

Note Christ is the head, nothing about popes which is a fifth century Roman patriarchal invention. Ever since Vatican II the Curia and the popes have been trying to put the reform genie back in the bottle. We now are “blessed” with an imperial papacy shrouded in infallibility.

The picture of the stained glass window in the newly renovated cathedral in Orlando says it all. Note in the bottom left-hand corner–Bishop Wenski. Examine the picture–bishop clad in episcopal robe and miter and centurion in the foreground, more centurions, Mary the Mother of Jesus and one other Mary. Where is John? Where are the other women? Why is cowering in the background while Bishop Wenski is up front, erect and looking upon Jesus with hands folded in prayer? The arrogance of it all. Imperial papacy-imperial episcopacy.

BTW. Wenski is now the Archbishop of Miami.

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