Light Amid Darkness

Morning Light

Winter Solstice

All of us greet you in the spirit of this blest Solstice season that invites us to see in the dark, to sing in the night, songs to enlighten us on our way.

May we learn the wisdom of this time, of letting go, of drawing in, of making room for the future to be born and borne anew; of looking deeply into the winter skies – star-studded and aflame – to see the stuff of our own incarnation, and remember we are made of Light. (Sr. Kathleen Deignan and Schola Ministries)

We are stardust. We are light.

The Light of the World who played as Sophia before Creation

Is coming to dwell among us—

The Christ lives within us and within creation!

The cosmos is flaring forth from the Living One.

Christ is the Star for which the world is waiting.

Christ will light the dark night with God’s love.

Light penetrates the darkness and brings hope for new days and nights.

We are called to be light in darkness, songs in silence.

Are we putting our lights under bushel baskets because we fear the dark of night?

Are we caving in to the values of empire

Or are we proclaiming the promise of the Christ

For a new world order where justice and peace shall kiss?

Incarnation means that Kin-dom values—

Love, peace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, justice and peace—

Are becoming real for us.

Birthing the Christ with in is all about letting go,

Emptying our stuff from our inns

And making room in the mangers of our hearts.

We are becoming the Child within, the Christ within.

We are becoming the Light within, the Christ within.

Come, Christ, the Risen One,

Unleash the power of your Holy Spirit.

Be before us.

Be above us.

Be behind us.

Be below us.

Be before us.

Be on our right.

Be on our left.

Be, be within us.

Make all things new

And wipe away our tears.

Be our light.

Be our joy.

Be our peace.

You are the Christ,

The Son of the Living God.

We wait in joyous expectation.

We are people of the Promise.

We too will dance in the cosmos

As Light flares forth in darkness.

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