Present like the Rain

Spring Afternoon Grazing

As sure as dawn breaks,
so sure is daily arrival of the Living One.
The Living One comes as rain comes,
as spring rain refreshing the ground.” (Hosea 6:3)

The Living One comes to us. The Living One is present to us and among us. The Living One comes to us in many ways. Mother Theresa says that the Living One comes to us in the disguise of the dying beggar lying in a ditch. Richard Rohr, quoting Joanna Macy (I think), says that the Living One comes to us disguised as our lives.

Our lives–

messy and broken,

Often joyful and full.

Looking in all the wrong places,

we do not recognize You.

We look where you are not–

delivery from pain and sickness

instead of sinking into Your loving care

no matter what is happening to us.

You are presence and power

when we let go and submit.

You are judgment power

when we try go go our own ways.

When we are parched,

You are the rain.

When we cannot take another step,

You are road that rises to meet our feet.

When we cannot flap our wings,

You are the wind beneath them.

You are above and below.

You are in front of us and in back of us.

You live in the misdst of our lives

messy, unpredictable and random as they may be.

You are the wisdom

that helps us to recognize the other.

You are in the blazing glory

of the rising sun.

You are the soft moon

that lights our night path.

You are the courage and love

that helps us to feed and clothe

the least among us.

You, O Living One, are the voice

that calls us always to be more than we are.

Teach us to listen to Your voice

and to follow Your ways.

We praise You

and we thank You, O Living One.

Come to us as the gentle morning dew.

Be present as roaring justice waters.

Bathe us, cleanse us,

Make us ever new.

Give us resurrection hope and life.

Send forth Your Spirit to re-create us.

Speak, O Living One, we are listening

and looking for You

wherever you may Be.

Help us to ever be

present to Your presence.

Gift us with your presents–

Peace, joy, humility and love.

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