Psalm 37

Look at the birds of the air . . .

Look at the birds of the air . . .

Psalm 37

Wicked and perverse
The One Percent will amass
Their greedy fortunes.

Be not envious
Put your trust in Gospel truth
God is now with you.

They shall blow away
Like dead grass chaff in the wind
Their days are numbered.

But you shall prosper
God’s promises are always true.
Everlasting life now.

Abide in silence
Listen with the ears of your heart
To the Christ within.

Yes, all will be well
Replace anger and envy
With trust in the Christ.

The wicked and greedy
Shall soon return to earth dust
Their greed availing not.

Place your trust in God
Always faithful ever just
Mercy on mercy.

Relax and enjoy
Christ lives in your very heart
Ever gracing you.

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