Psalm 63

[A word of explanation. I read a psalm daily, read the commentary on it in Brueggemann’s Psalms and then meditate on the psalm by writing my reflection on it in haiku. Father Richard Gwyn has written The Psalms in Haiku in which he translates each psalm verse by verse. This meditative practice keeps my monkey mind under control most of the time.]

Owl,OwletwPsalm 63

I thirst for God-life
Like someone desert stranded-
With unquenched thirst.

Just like David of old
Escaping the wrath of Saul
Seeking God-refuge.

I am full of thirst
Like a parched arid desert
Looking for water.

God satisfies my thirst
In creation’s vast temple
Nurtured by God’s dew.

I know when I call
That God is ever faithful
Giving life water.

God will rescue me
From lying deceitful lips
And enemy ploys.

I seek God’s solace
When scoundrels lie about me
God will be faithful.

When they attack me
I know that I can cry out
To a loving God.

God’s mercy and love
Will sustain me as I go
Through this dry desert.

Gather to praise
The God of life-giving love
Who quenches all thirst.

© J. Patrick Mahon, 2014

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