Psalm 138

Psalm 138

Crows praise God.

Crows praise God.

Again I praise God
God’s hesed and emun grace
And give me new life.

I want to sing praise
God’s loving deliverance
Has brought me back home.

Exiled, alienated
No more in foreign places
I dwell in God’s grace.

God resurrects me
And lifts me out of the depths
Bringing me new hope.

God loves the faithful
Who live in God’s Torah ways
Loving one and all.

God casts down sinners
Who refuse the call of grace
To become more.

In the death’s valley
I walk on, I am not afraid.
God walks with me.

Praise our faithful God
Who loves us into new life-
God’s love sustains us.

Hesed = loving kindness
Emun = faithfulness
The playlists use these two words to describe God throughout the psalter.

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