Psalm 149

Cardinal on my feeder

Cardinal on my feeder

Psalm 149

Sing hallelujah!
Ever giving praise to God
Who is faithful.

Strum on your guitars,
Play the chords on your keyboards,
Blast away on trumpets.

Our God cares for us-
Exalting all the humble
Lifting up the meek.

If we have any victory
Over those who dare oppress us,
It is from our God.

Eschew violence
Always placing trust in God
Who delivers us.

Place your trust in God.
We are powerless over foes.
Only God can save us.

We should always sing
Our praises to God in churches,
In the assembly of faith.

Ever faithful and true
God will lead us to green fields
Giving us banquets.

Bubbling flowing streams
Will bring us God’s peace and love.
Then we shall overcome.

Give glory to God
Give thanks for loving kindness,
Sing halleluia!

© J. Patrick Mahon, 2014

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