Psalm 46

Mourning Dove of Peace

Mourning Dove of Peace

Psalm 46

God is our refuge,
Our strength in times of crisis,
Taming all chaos.

Earthquakes may rumble,
Hurricane waters may roar
But our God calms them.

God’s healing waters
Surround us and give us life
Life in abundance.

When the nations roar
And threaten our well being
God will calm them too.

Our God is with us
Bringing us peace beyond hope,
Destroying chaos.

God alone can take
Away weapons threatening
Us with destruction.

Our God does not use
War horses and chariots
To execute plans.

God destroys our nukes
And returns us to the ways
That bring peace and love.

Quiet down, listen
Know that God is within us
Bringing shalom wholeness.

Be not afraid
When chaos seems to rule us,
God is always near.

Let God’s healing balm
Calm the wars in your hard hearts
So you will be peace.

God is our refuge
Our one hope amid chaos-
Our peace, joy, and love.

c. J. Patrick Mahon, 2014

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