The Beast

This is one of the readings for the feast of the Assumption. This haiku is dedicated to the people of Gaza, the Ukraine, Ferguson, MO and all people who are enduring the attacks of the Beast, the evil Leviathan.

Revelation 12


Heavenly temple

Filled with the ark of the Word

A symbol of hope.


The woman appeared

Clothed in stars, the sun and moon

Wailing to give birth.


The woman represents

All God’s people—old and new

Seeking life’s fullness.


Eternal feminine

Life giving nurturing love

Prevails forever.


Church of the Christ

Assaulted by the empire

Trying to destroy life.


Dragon Leviathan

Hurling down the stars above

Thrashing all about.


Technique* driving on

Destroying life in abundance-

Alienation abounds.


The woman gives birth

God takes up the child; the Christ

Will overcome the beast.


Safe in a desert

The woman enjoys refuge

Awaiting the new age.


From desert places

Comes rich life in abundance—

God-Love abounding.


The desert of silence

Will overcome the deathly din

Of evil’s empires.


Empire will not rule.

God’s kin-dom overcomes evil

And all will be well.


Indeed all is well

And all will ever be well

In God’s Love Kin-dom.


Sing praise to the Christ

Who leads us on shalom** paths-

With life in abundance.


*Jacques Ellul, French philosopher, describes the fact that in our technological society, technique orders our lives. Technique relies on reason to find the most efficient solutions to problems and challenges. Technique excludes morality and God from life choices. As such it is a false god, an idol.


**Health, wholeness, well being.

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