Lord of the Sabbath

Lord of the Sabbath

Lord of the Sabbath,
Jesus the Christ has now come
To give us freedom.

Freed from the old law,
We participate in new life,
God’s adopted children.

It is not the law.
It is all about people
And their human needs.

Christ became human
So that we might become God,
Made in God’s image.

God is related love
Going way beyond God’s self
For the other’s sake.

Spirit led are we
To transcend survival instincts
For the good of all.

God is e’r faithful
That we too may be faithful,
Disciples of love.

Feeding the hungry
We give food to Christ himself,
God love incarnate.

Housing the homeless
We give Christ a new manger,
A loving shelter.

Caring for the sick
We bind up the wounds of Christ,
Healing balm anoints.

Freeing the imprisoned
We set free the fire of love
To bring new freedom.

Swords mage plough shares.
We bring God’s shalom to all.
Peace trumps violence.

God comes to us
Disguised as life’s encounters,
Incarnation made real.

The Christ comes to us
In the poor’s distressed disguise-
Their god life shines.

Love one another.
Be faithful to the Good News,
God dwells among us.

Lord of the Sabbath,
Lord of the Dance bring us joy.
Teach us to dance life.

© J. Patrick Mahon, 2014

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