God Shelters Us

Photo by Leandro Taub

Photo by Leandro Taub

God is my shelter,
My refuge in troubled times.
I can count on God.

God delivers me
From the trapper’s snare
And deadly diseases.

God covers me with pinions
And under God’s wings I find
Shelter from all terrors.

Terrors of the night
And the threats of terrorists
Do not make me fear.

From all evil threats-
Ebola, ISIL, and all-
God is my shelter.

Sickness, famine, war
Will not cause me any harm.
God is my refuge.

God walks at my side
And my foot will not stumble
And I will not fall.

Homeland Security
Is not the place for our trust.
God alone will deliver us.

Call upon our God
Who will rescue and save us,
Our protector always.

Christ Pantokrator*
All powerful and mighty
God is our protector.

*Lord of Hosts, God Almighty (Orthodox icon)

c. J. Patrick Mahon, 2014

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