Filling the Hole in our Souls

We attended a presentation on Teresa of Avila on Friday at Valle Crucis Retreat Center with Bishop Porter Taylor, Diocese of Western North Carolina. Bishop Taylor introduced us to Teresa and helped us understand how the saints can assist us on our journey. It was unique because I have never known a bishop that was willing to go out and teach the people about adult spirituality. Thank you, Bishop Taylor, for being there for us.
Prior to the conference, I realized that I have slowed down. Spiritual reading is no longer speed reading; it is lectio divina—pondering sacred texts. The Institute for Continuing Learning seminar with Dr. Eric Dickman on the Language of God propelled me along the path. Here is my take on God language. God’s primary language is silence; God’s secondary language is poetry. How else can you describe the indescribable? What amazes me is that I think I am developing the capacity to understand poetry. Continue reading

John of the Cross, Merton & Ibn Abbad

Today is the feast of St. John of the Cross, a Carmelite. John joined with Theresa and others in calling for reform of the Carmelite order. Having had enough of John’s prophetic voice, his Carmelite superiors imprisoned him, lashed him weekly in front of the community and confined him in a small cell until he managed to escape. Being banned to speak in a diocese pales in comparison to imprisonment and weekly beatings! Continue reading