Let’s make Some Deals

Recovering from the throes of the election is like recovering from a hangover. As we engaged wholeheartedly in the process because some of us were so fearful of where Romney, Ryan and Randian views on rugged individualism would lead us as a people, I kept telling myself, “This too shall pass but probably like a kidney stone!”

Now, it is over and our task is to try to restore a trace of civility to our life together. In Christ there are no red-blue distinctions. We are one in what Paul and the church aptly describe as the Body of Christ-the body of the risen, cosmic Christ who has overcome sin and death, and all categories that divide. In the kin-dom proclaimed by Jesus and already present to us and among us, there is no Jew nor Greek, gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, male or female, red or blue. We are all one in the Risen Christ! The command is quite simple, “Love one another as I have loved you.” Continue reading